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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Match I Saw Today: David Ferrer vs. Nicolas Almagro

When you see the names of David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro drawn together in a match, especially on clay, you know you are in for a tight, scintillating match!  And that is EXACTLY what we got today, as almost nothing separated both players.  On paper though, David had won every single match they had before at a dismal 9 wins to zero against Almagro.

Anyway, the match was quite enjoyable to watch as both players elevated their games when they needed to.  Eventually, each player took a seat from each other.  In the third set, it was not surprising that they reached a tiebreak - and I really thought Almagro was going to win it at 55 since he had the momentum. But not to be, Ferrer came out of nowhere and won the match at 75.  Such a heartbreaking loss to Almagro since he really tried his best! But kudos to both for giving such a high level of performance!

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