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Monday, May 28, 2012

FO 2012: Matches I've Seen - Victoria Azarenka vs. Alberta Brianti

Alberta Brianti could've made a splashy headline today if she was able to continue her momentum in the fifth game of the second set.  She was already leading, almost closing out the match, at 76 40.  However, Victoria suddenly sprang back to life and won the next six successive games.  At one set each, they leveled again at 22 in the third set before Victoria took a sprint and closed it out at 64.

I love how Alberta plays. She mixes her shots a lot, and although she does not have the power that Victoria has, her game on clay can be very dangerous!  Victoria though was also of no help as she contributed more than 60 unforced errors!  Frankly, if she played a more competent player, maybe Paula Ormaechea, she would've been eliminated!
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