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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FO 2012: Matches I've Seen - Serena Williams vs. Virginie Razzano

I haven't seen Virginie play for sometime now.  I remember that her fiance and trainer died last year around the same time and she had to back off from the game for a while.  But what a fantastic comeback!  I already knew before that she could play very well.  I remember her defeating Venus Williams in Tokyo ( I think) in a title match so I knew she had the game to win over the Williams sisters.  However, the game tonight was high on drama!  

I actually thought Serena would win already. She had the first set under her belt 64 and she was leading the tiebreak in the second  set 51.  So I just dozed off while watching the game. When I woke up, the score now became 64 76 50 - IN FAVOR OF VIRGINIE!!  I had to rub my eyes to check if I was really seeing the score correctly!  

And I thought that the drama would end there!  

ope, the next three games, including the last game provided so much drama - I think 12 matchpoints all in all and ten deuces - that it was like watching a cliffhanger movie between a giant gladiator and a young wannabee gladiator!  And Serena was NOT giving the game to Virginie - Serena was fighting till the end!  So kudos to Virginie for winning over Serena whilst ranked #111 in the world!  This should give her more confidence now - especially that the French crowd was behind her!

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