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Thursday, September 3, 2015

2015 US Open: Treat Huey Pinoy Talent in Men's Doubles

It's a bit unfortunate that tennis is seen as a bourgeois sport here in our country and you might think we have no world-class players among us.

There is actually an active Filipino player in the grand slam circuit of tennis  and he plays in the doubles circuit which is just as competitive as the singles circuit, although with lesser media attention.

Treat Huey is in action today with his doubles partner, Brit Colin Fleming in the men's doubles in the US Open.  I was in KL when he played there two years ago but I couldn't make it to his games as I already had appointments.  Sayang talaga!  It would've been great to cheer for him!

He has already reached the quarterfinals of two grand slams, once in Australia (in 2014) and once here in Flushing Meadows (in 2013).  That's actually quite an achievement already knowing how bulok and inutile and uncaring our sports leaders are.  

I'm sure, like many local athletes, Treat pays everything through his own money.  Maswerte lang sya na tennis can be a lucrative career.

I really hope he and his doubles partner go deep this US Open.  Their first clash pa naman is with a seeded pair from Italy who are top 100 players pa naman sa singles, Bolelli and Fognini.  

Anyhow, iba naman ang dynamics sa doubles e.  It doesn't necessarily mean na pag magaling ka sa singles,it would translate agad to doubles.

Good luck to Treat and to his doubles partner Colin!

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