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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Australian Open 2012: Elite Women's Team Country Award

The MyFABETennis blog awards the Elite Women's Team Country Award to the country with the most number of players into the fourth round.  If there is a tie, the sum of the seedings of the players of those countries who are tied is taken and the country with the lowest sum, gets the award.  Just in case a tie occurs in the sum, the country with the highest seed gets the award.

Russia has been perennially winning the awards slam after slam after slam for the past decade because of their deep bench.  However, cracks have been showing in the Russian system and for this Australian Open, another country wins the award.  Surprisingly, it's Serbia, when none of its Top 2 players are even in the Top 10.  But since there is a five way country tie in the number of players into the fourth round - that is two - Serbia, China, Germany, Russia and the Czech Republic were all tied.  However, when the sum of the seedings of the two players were added, it was Serbia who had the lowest seedings sum of 35.  I think this is the first time Serbia got this award.

The other countries with entries in the fourth round are -

China - 2
Czech Republic - 2
Germany -2
Russia - 2
Belarus - 1
Belgium - 1
Denmark - 1
Italy - 1
Poland - 1
USA - 1
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