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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finally, Order Has Been Restored in the Rankings of Women's Tennis

The last four Grand Slams in women's tennis has gone to a new champion!  The French Open 2011 champion was  Li Na, then Petra Kvitova won Wimbledon, then Sam Stosur won the US Open and this week, Victoria Azarenka won the Australian Open!  And Vika also gets to be world #1!  Finally, order has been restored in the rankings of women's tennis.  Caro is still there, but she will reportedly be at #4, a ranking which actually suits her performance better.  Will she win a Grand Slam soon?  Well, as Martina Hingis said, she really has to step it up against the power hitters, otherwise, they will just blow her away from the court.

I am actually looking forward now to the French Open since all these five aforementioned women are capable of winning there!  And of course, there's Francesca Schiavone, who's still in fighting form.  Anyhow, that is still months away and there's more tennis to cover - as the tournaments go around the world!

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