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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Caroline Wozniacki: Should She Really Be #1

Photo Titled Wozniacki swing

A #1 tennis player should at least reach the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament, otherwise, it will put his or her ranking in question.  Well, the rankings has been a bit of contention in the women's game since they have several #1 players who have never won a Grand Slam.  It used to dog Jelena Jankovic and Dinara Safina before, but at least, for them, they were able to reach the semi's or the finals of the Grand Slams, when they were #1. 

Now, enter, Caroline Wozniacki.  She plays in many tournaments and wins several titles a year - but for tournaments where not all the best players are participating - and the world is not watching.  On paper, she's #1 - for consistency - but in a world stage like a Grand Slam, especially Wimbledon, which is arguably the most famous among the four Slams - it is imperative that she at least reaches the semifinals.  But she fails again, this time, going down in the fourth round.

It's not a good reflection on the women's game when their #1 player fails to reach deeper into the tournament, especially when the whole world is watching.  It happened in the French Openand now in Wimbledon.  Caro has to prepare harder for the US Open and redeem herself.

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