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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finally Subscribed to

Since tennis is not a very popular sport here in the Philippines, we don't really have a tennis channel which is present in many other tennis-loving nations.  It's a good thing then that there's a website which allows us to watch non-Grand Slam matches.  I especially like it during the clay and the hard court seasons since I get to see players who I won't normally see during Grand Slam matches - where, for TV ratings sake, only the Top 5 players are featured - basically, just the superstars.  Not with this website.  I can watch any player I want, especially the clay court experts, who normally don't do well during the rest of the year.

The first match I chose? Well, the up-and-coming Spanish player, Muguruza Blanco against the veteran Parra Santonja.  I'm just curious as to how this new Spanish player plays!
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