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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Impressed with Vika Azarenka

When I watched the first set of the US Open final between Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams today, I really thought, Serena would win it in two easy sets - since she was so dominant in all her previous matches through to the final.  And in the first, she practically just steamrolled over Vika.

However, as the second set started, Vika did things a little bit differently, and before I knew it, the momentum had changed and Vika extended the finals to a third set.  As the final set rolled in, I couldn't quite believe that Vika was serving for the championship point at 5-3!  However, Serena, held her ground, like the champion that she is, and eventually won the championship at 7-5.

As for Vika, I have now officially become a fan of hers!  Any player who brings her A-game to Serena is someone I respect.  And since Vika is relatively young, her experience here should strengthen her resolve to stay #1 in the world and well, win more grand slams - and I believe she could win a couple more.

Now that she knows she can go toe-to-toe with Serena -when Serena is at her best (and boy is Serena at her best this summer - an Olympic gold in singles and doubles and a Wimbledon title).  So even if she lost, she did not really lose, because to many of us who saw her play today, her game was just as good and great and well, in tennis, the crucial few points are sometimes the ones that differentiates the champion from the runner-up.

It would be exciting now to see how Vika defends her Australian Open in 2013.

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