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Friday, October 2, 2015

Malaysian Open Tennis 2015: Getting to Know 'B. Becker'

A decade ago, my brother, his friend and I were walking around the back courts of Wimbledon looking for a game to watch. It was almost 5PM and the crowds were thinning.

We got into Court 16 and saw this signboard with 'B. Becker' on it, the same as the one you see in the picture. And we looked at each other and said "Naglalaro pa ba si Boris Becker, e di ba mas matanda pa yun sa atin?"

Turned out that there was an active player with Boris same namesake, called Benjamin Becker, a German player as well.

Tapos, while we were talking, we became aware of a woman who was talking. At first, we thought she was just talking aloud to herself, but since she was saying the same lines again and again, and she had an earpiece, we realized she was a reporter, and she was practicing for possibly a TV segment.

She was also talking about 'B. Becker' and how easily someone could mistake him for Boris Becker. At that time kasi, Benjamin was still new to the tour and was still making a name for himself.

We also learned later from friends that we were seen on TV, maybe as part of that segment.

Ten years hence, B. Becker, Benjamin Becker has had some success in the men's tour but not quite reaching the level that compatriot Boris did.

In a surprise performance, he has already reached the semi's in this tournament.

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