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Monday, October 5, 2015

Malaysian Open Tennis 2015: A Selfie with David and Grigor!

At risk of getting a reprimand, I still decided on getting a selfie!
Anyway, I was thinking, I paid thousands of pesos for my hotel and plane fare just to come here to KL, might as well, take a selfie with some of the players when the opportunity comes!
This was one of the opportunities to have one since there was enough space for me with my other media colleagues.

You have to understand that all these photo ops are happening very quickly, and the organizers move these players quickly from post one to post two to post three, not wasting time on idle chatter or time.
As demanding as the organizers are of the players' time to grace their events, the players are also demanding with their practice time - so these photo ops are done very quickly - and not a minute is wasted.
Anyway, these players have to make their sponsors happy as well, and the sponsors also expect the players to show their best in the court!
It's a carefully orchestrated balance.

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