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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Malaysian Open Tennis 2015: Almost Missed My Train for My Love of Tennis

Tonight, I had to run the fastest sprint my body could muster, and at my age and at the condition my knees and my belly are, that was not an easy thing to do!

I had to catch the last train leaving the stadium where the tennis matches were held, and head back to downtown KL, where my hotel is.

By train, the travel time is just around 30 minutes, but the problem is, I've never seen a cab in the outskirts of KL! So if I missed that last train, I would be stranded in the middle of nowhere at 12 midnight with no public transpo around!

The funny thing is, my problem would've been solved if my phone had the Uber app or if I hired a car to wait for me.

Pano naman kasi, 11PM na, David Ferrer and Radek Stepanek were still playing! And at the rate they were playing, the match would've ended around 11:30-is or even midnight if it went to 3 sets!

Grabe, I had to run the 2 kilometers from the stadium to the station in just about 7 minutes, because when I calmly asked the volunteers in the reception, what time the last train was to the city, he said, 11:25PM, and the girl beside him casually added "You better run!"

Ayun, kaya fly ang lola mo, running 1.5 kilometers of concrete parking tapos 250 meters of stairs pababa then another 250 meters to the turnstile of the train staion.

Tapos, the station pa is bigger than the normal station so takbo ng about 100 meters to my platform, run up the escalator and found the clock in the station reading 11:20PM.

I was so freaking' out of breath I could feel my heart bursting! I swear I could've easily suffered a heart attack, but I guess it was the adrenaline that really forced me to sprint.

Funny thing is, the train arrived at 11:22PM! And left the station agad! Just imagine if I arrived there at 11:25!! Wala ng train! Iyak na ako!

I think I would've have had to beg David Ferrer for a ride back to the city! Pakapalan na lang talaga ng mukha!

And there was almost no one in the train. I'm sure sa atin, if the MRT still runs at 11PM, punuan pa rin.

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