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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dustin Brown: Finally, An Inspired Performance on the Big Stage

One reason why I plod through all these tennis matches is once in a while, you get lucky and see a gem of a performance, especially one that is an inspired performance from a player who is relatively unknown to everyone else.
I wanted to sleep na, it was 2AM na e, but Dustin Brown was playing spectacularly that he bumped off two-time champion Rafael Nadal! He was just magnificent to watch!
I can only count in my fingers the times that you see a player thump Nadal and make him look like a lost kid in a tennis court, especially someone that is ranked outside the top 100! It just NEVER happens!
Well, Dustin's not really an unknown to me. He used to play for Jamaica, but now he's playing for Germany na pala, and I think that has helped him a lot. He has been languishing for a long time outside the top 100 but reached around the 70s ata at one time. I guess, since Jamaica has no tennis tradition, medyo nahihirapan sya maka-breakthrough.
He's already 30 na pala but anyway, he still has a few years to prove his worth and show that this win is not a fluke. His performance today shows that he can be in the top 20, if he's just consistent enough.

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