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Friday, June 3, 2016

French Open 2016: The Future of Tennis Dominic Thiem Fights The Current World's Best

With Roger Federer absent from this year's RG, and with Nadal and Tsonga both retiring due to injuries, it is fortuitous to find the fourth semi-final slot go to Dominic Thiem, THE representative that pundits have chosen to lead THE next geenration of Federers and Nadals and Novaks.

He will be playing today, fittingly against Novak Djokovic, since that would be a good barometer where the future of tennis stands vis-a-vis, the best player right now.

I do hope Dominic visits KL at the Asian leg of the ATP tour this year, although I think he would already be a top 10 player by then and could easily choose the bigger tournaments with bigger point (Beijing, Tokyo).

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