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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Battle of the -ova's in the Women's Wimbledon Finals

Photo Titled Petra Kvitova

If it's not the Williams sister, it's the battle of the -ova's, which usually happens in women's tennis.  In this year's Wimbledon finals, it's Petra Kvitova, the Czech newcomer, against former champion, Maria Sharapova, who finally reach the final two.

And it's an interesting contest!  Kvitova's forehands are very powerful, but so are Maria's.  One question now is if Maria's serve holds in the finals.  She had too many double faults in her semi's, something which Lisicki wasn't able to exploit fully.  However, Kvitova is more experienced in this stage, this being her second time in the limelight of Wimbledon, so we think she can be able to control her nerves more - on such a grand occasion.  Kvitova also, is very calm and is able to regroup quickly.

However, I still pick Maria, like I did in the beginning of the tournament.  I can see how hungry she is for another Wimbledon title - and even if her serve was failing her yesterday, her groundstrokes were quite ferocious!  This should be in 3 close sets!

Photo Titled Sharapova set-up

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