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Friday, November 9, 2012

Women Players Who Have Potential to Win a Grand Slam in 2013: Angelique Kerber

I admit I too was shocked to see Angelique Kerber in the US Open semifinal in 2011, knowing that she was just a player ranked in the 80s, and to suddenly make it to the semis of a major, whew, that was big!  To think she only reached the first round of all the other majors of that year.  

Well, Angie made it even bigger in 2012, now leading the very resurgent German women's tennis as that country's #1 player.

She made this year's semifinals in Wimbledon - not surprised there - and she's definitely one of the players, who, if given a good draw, and well, more mental strength, could possibly win a Grand Slam in 2013.

Maybe a good goal for her now is to try to get into a Grand Slam final, and maybe, work her way from there.  

Although she lost here in this clip in the semi's of Wimbledon, it was still her best performance this year in terms of depth into a major tournament.

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